Collecting for Hut

Everyone dreams of something beautiful.
I, personally, dream of a hut in Kyiv which I will get with the help of this ICO.

Seriously, this crowdsale for someone’s flat through selling ERC20 tokens in Ethereum.
I have just warned you! Back them

This is a blockchain crowdfunding for a hut and not what you probably think!

Blockchain is cool

But I do want to be not like others! So you will not find any new blockchain technologies here. 😈

There will be XATA tokens. They are based on blockchain and you will be able to pay for something or just sell them but this isn't for sure.💰 (that is not for sure).

If I reach the goal, I will stuff my hut with various clever toys for smart house and make a robohoover work!

This is a trustworthy ICO indeed

Very many ICO projects including ones on Kickstarter cheat 😭, promise the moon 💰 and a kick ass cool product 😎 but once the funds are received they vanish and buy a Ferrari Lambo 🚗 or any sort of that rubbish.

I do not want to cheat anybody and buy a Ferrari Lambo. All collected funds will be spent to buy me a high-end hut in Kyiv as well as on respective repairs. Maybe Baker Street RYBALSKY Residential Complex will be suitable.

All events will be posted on Telegram channel

You get XATA-tokens

Maybe, at first glance, XATA tokens will seem to be useless. But you are free to transfer and hold your XATA. And what else is needed for token, that it would grow in price?

But the worth of the token will be given by a very important vote. More

The largest bekker will be invited to a wonderful dinner with the owners in the new Hut.

Thought this is a secret yet… 🤫

Like it?

Imagine how it will please your friends, even if they know nothing about ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will be interesting for them to just read about the project.

ICO Results

Price of XATA: 1 XATA = 0.01 ETH ≈ $1.44


collected of $180,000 goal
0.3184 ETH

Collected ETH

0 M2

Can buy

112.72 XATA

XATA issued
including 80.88 XATA bonuses

If you live in a rented hut and there is no prospective to buy your own one, then claim that you are collecting through an ICO and everything will be fine!

This is what could say Dmitriy Dubilet

RYBALSKY Residential Complex — that’s where I do want a hut!

Oh no! Do not take it advertisement of RYBALSKY Residential Complex!

Well, it seems to be a dream home - a square building and nine storeys! Located in an industrial, half abandoned peninsula. There are undone bridges and railways around with a spectacular view on The Dnipro river! Lovely view!

Lovely view! 😍

RYBALSKY Residential Complex

A few facts about the XATA-token

Proof of its value

In the life of every person is the choice between a bottle for the evening. Red or white? Tequila or vodka? Unfiltered beer or glass of water? It's time to end this!

With XATA tokens, you can vote for each new bottle in the bar collection. The bottle that will collect the most XATA will be placed in a special place and not a single drop of the drink will be spilled in vain The most active participant in the voting will receive an invitation to open and drink this bottle.

And you are free to transfer and hold XATA-tokens in the hopes of its growth, as do hamsters and traders.

Maybe safe, but not for sure

I learned Solidity to the extent enabling me to code this contract. A big part of the code was simply copied from other contracts and there is no guarantee that all works well. Nevertheless…. There is nothing there to go wrong.

Yet no experts have taken a close look at contract. Hope you will become the first to see it and let me know if something happens to be wrong.

Actually, the contract is open source and its intentions are clear. Everything’s on GitHub.


The rate on which XATA is distributed : 1 ETH = 100 XATA

There is a bonus which is given automatically when you transfer and more 0.01 Ether.You also will get 1 XATA as a bonus for each Ether from total contribution.

Do you need a Roadmap?

Life sucks without a Roadmap. This is the heart of a project, this is the way it goes and develops. Just follow it!

March-May 2018 — Collecting for hut

At this stage I am developing and launching the website and XATA smart-token.

I spent a bit more than a month on the website, smart token, texts and design. A month of sleepless nights!

Coding and publishing an ERC20 token (surely based on Ethereum) requires guts and endurable psycho. The slightest mistake or bug of a published contract inevitably leads to pain and suffering.

June 2018 — buying the hut

This will be the most interesting and amusing of all story. I will have to put sheer happiness on my face and head for Rybalsky sales department. All in all it the most pleasant thing one can ever experience — to accomplish what you have begun!

Before the very purchase I will have to find the way to convert the sum into the national dosh and get rid of very useful Ethereum.😢

Second quarter 2019 — repairing the hut

This is a stage of important decisions, when you have to make up your mind whether to set up a gold toilet or buy a sofa for your living room. And yes, I must find a dab-handed artist to bedaub all your names in oil.

Make up your mind about the interior with the help of our friends by the challenge. Choose the materials, make some alternation (yes, yes, we must be different!).

It is also important to make a big kitchen and, which is even more crucial, choose the right place for a bar. Long live the booze hobby!

Bar + Kitchen = ❤️

Dream team

Collecting funds for a hut demands effort, good preparation and a coordinated team. That is why we have the best team you can ever dream of!

Handsome Maksym Tymchyk

Maksym Tymchyk

Founder, Co-founder, CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, Designer, Tech lead, DevOps, Blockchain developer, Front-end engineer, NodeJS engineer, Content Manager, Copyright, Researcher, Office manager, Cooker, Bartender

Blockchain technology ideologist.
Full-stack in heart and soul!


In any ICO there are advisers. He is called to trade his face. But still, there are specialists who understand in the field of construction and repair and can give useful advice. Yeah...

Andrey Krishtal

Andrey Krishtal

Look at code

In the world of hype among ICO projects, this is the most technologically interesting, because there are no empty promises and a bunch of stories about the impossible implementation of technologies in the project. Definitely my only love in the ICO world!

Max Krupyshev

Max Krupyshev

Count money

I, as one of the early participants of the crypto industry, are confident that the project will be successful. This is one of the few examples of the successful use of blockchain, second only to the CryptoKitties.

Igor Pertsiya

Igor Pertsiya

Controll expenses

I believe that the use blokchain technology and the organization of ICO for the purchase of hut is the most correct and organic phenomenon in the market for crypto-currencies lately, I guarantee that I will make sure that every cent was spent on "Collecting for Hut" and glasses for a bar in the hut.

Veroslava Novosilnaya

Veroslava Novosilnaya

Supervises for travels

I prefer to live in different countries of the world in demolished huts, but I believe that every good person in Ukraine should have his own hut. I undertake to do my best to make the project successful.

David Braun

David Braun

Supervises repairs

I had many huts, big and small. I did repairs with big and expensive contractors, tried to work as brigades Ravshanov and Dzhamshutov. I will do everything I can, so that the project can be realized as effectively as possible.

If you want to get an adviser, Contact me, advise something like a normal adviser and we will somehow solve this.


Of course we have partner links! You know, these days to be successful, you do need to have a dozen of links to the projects that do not exist or know absolutely nothing about you!

CoinWizardEco Wooden FrameSPRY QuestCubitsIncrypted

If you want to get onto the partner list, write about this project, Contact me and we may as well deal.

Remember your heros

During the repairs I will choose the most visible and outstanding wall in the living room and make a big cloud collage in the shape of Ethereum logo with the names of the crowdsale participants. I need to remember those who bought me a hut! 😢

The name size will depend on the amount of contribution made to the common business!

You can tell me your name or nickname at any time.

* you cannot use the following as your name or nickname:
- curse words;
- phrases that can hurt the feelings of believers, national minorities and crypto-hamsters;
- phrases fueling national and racial strife;
- Names of politicians and public persons (unless this is you own one)


This is either a silly joke or just a scam!

No way! Everything is 100% transparent. Nobody deceives anybody — all collected funds will be spent on my flat in Rybalsky.

There is even a Telegram channel

Will XATA be traded?

I hope so. In any case, I'll try to push them to all sorts of exchanges with funny names (Yobit, Huobi). that is not for sure.

Why not just earn for a hut like all normal people do?

At first, I, as a programmer will have to spend around 12 years for that.
Secondly, ICO is more interesting and sets a challenge.
In addition, organisation of an ICO is work too, which needs attention to details, coordinated work, good team:

Marketing and social marketing, design, branding, work with texts and the concept, Blockchain (Solidity), Front-end and Back-end development.

What do you want to achieve by all this?

Hut. I want to buy a flat. For your Ethereum, "hard-earned" being an investor or a trader.

But also, I want to show that with the help of an ICO and crowdfunding you can not only impudently extort money from people, making them believe in unimplementable projects but also make dreams come true no matter how silly they are. Cryptocurrency boom attracts more and more people in search for illicit gain. Something must be done with it.

Contact me

Can you imagine an ICO without contact details?
I want a hut. So I must be ready to accept your questions and various offers! Go on!


You want to ask a question or anonymously tell something?

Just do it!